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Some of Michael Muircheartaigh's classic quotes

"... and Brian Dooher is down injured. And while he is, I'll tell ye a little story. I was in Times' Square in New York last week, and I was missing the Championship back home. So I approached a news-stand and I said 'I suppose ye wouldn't have the Kerryman would ye?' To which, the Egyptian behind the counter turned to me and he said 'do you want the North Kerry edition or the South Kerry edition?'... he had I bought both. And Dooher is back on his feet..."

"Anthony Lynch the Cork corner back will be the last person to let you down - his people are undertakers"

"I saw a few Sligo people at Mass in Gardiner street this morning and the omens seem to be good for them. The priest was wearing the same colours as the Sligo jersey! 40 yards out on the Hogan stand side of the field Ciaran Whelan goes on a rampage, its a goal. So much for religion."

Colin Corkery on the 45 lets go with the right boot. Its over the bar. This man shouldn't be playing football. He's made an almost Lazarus-like recovery from a heart condition. Lazarus was a great man but he couldn't kick points like Colin Corkery.

"1-5 to 0-8.. well from Lapland to the Antarctic, that's level scores in any man's language".

"Pat Fox has it on his hurl and is motoring well now ... but here comes Joe Rabbitte hot on his tail ...... I've seen it all now, a Rabbitte chasing a Fox around Croke Park!"

"I see John O Donnell dispensing water on the sideline. Tipperary, sponsored by a water company. Cork Sponsored by a tae company. I wonder will they meet later for afternoon tae."

"Teddy looks at the ball, the ball looks at Teddy"

"Danny "The Yank" Culloty. He came down from the mountains and hasn't he done well"

"He grabs the sliothar, he's on the 50......he's on the 40......he's on the 30..........................he's on the ground"

"In the first half they played with the wind. In the second half they played with the ball".

"He kicks the ball lan san aer, could've been a goal, could've been a went wide."

"Stephen Byrne with the puck out for Offaly....Stephen, one of 12......all but one are here to-day, the one that's missing is Mary, she's at home minding the house.....and the ball is dropping i lar na bpairce...."

"Pat Fox out to the forty and grabs the sliothar, I bought a dog from his father last week. Fox turns and sprints for goal, the dog ran a great race last Tuesday in Limerick. Fox to the 21 fires a shot, it goes to the left and wide..... and the dog lost as well."

"Sean Og O'Hailpin.... his father's from Fermanagh, his mother's from Fiji, neither a hurling stronghold."

"Teddy McCarthy to Mick McCarthy, no relation, Mick McCarthy back to Teddy McCarthy, still no relation. "


"...There are two things in Ireland that would drive you to drink. GAA referees would drive you to drink and the price of drink would drive you to drink.

Mix’N Match


Match the players to their positions


  1. Francie Bellew (Armagh)                    a. Full forward
  2. Kieran Donaghy (Kerry)                     b. Midfield
  3. Joe Donnelly (Aldergrove)                  c. Corner back
  4. Ciaran Whelan (Dublin)                      d. Anywhere he will fit in
  5. Darren O’Neill (Aldergrove)               e. Full Back
  6. Ryan McMenamin (Tyrone)                f. Centre Half Back




  1. Who is the current county Antrim football captain?
  2. Antrim have won only 2 all-Ireland football titles, what levels, what years?
  3. Whom did Jody Gormley replace as Antrim senior football manager?
  4. Who was the only Antrim player on the Ulster railway cup panel?
  5. Which Aldergrove player is on the county training panel?


  1. Which 4 teams won the provincial minor football championships in 2006?
  2. Who is the new manager of the Clare senior football team?
  3. Who refereed the all-Ireland football final between Kerry and Mayo?
  4. When was the last time the all-Ireland final was played outside of Croke park? Where was it played?
  5. Antrim, as we know, have never won the All-Ireland football title but they have competed in two finals. Who were they against?


  1. Who is Ireland’s most capped player?
  2. Which player captained the Ireland team against Australia this year?
  3. How many players on the Ireland squad ply their trade in Australia? Name them and their AFL clubs.
  4. When was the first official Australia versus Ireland game?
  5. Who top scored in this year’s series?



Can you guess who these senior footballers are?

  1. Call chin squirm
  2. chic germ shiv
  3. any den fee
  4. jolly no need
  5. a horny come on
  6. they race org
  7. amber jar size
  8. german pet hash
  9. Ireland loren
  10. legal irony
  11. clamp by paddle

Answers to all quizzes

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